Andrae published several academic reports during his time at Ryerson University and Mohawk College.

"Life in the Lane: Mapping Ward 20 Lanes" examined the laneways and alleyways in Toronto's Ward 20 (Trinity Spadina) to determine where they are, who is using them, and what they could be used for in the future. Going beyond laneway housing, this report examined ways to animate Toronto's hidden spaces. This report was awarded the IBI Group Award for excellence in professional practice.

"Toronto Sign By-Law Project" examined neighbourhoods with distinct character that could be lost without tailor-made sign and billboard rules. This project developed a criteria for identifying these neighbourhoods, proposed a list of candidate districts, and offered guidance on how sign and billboard rules can help celebrate history and culture. The recommendations of this report were incorporated into the harmonized Toronto sign by-law.

"Hamilton Street Railway - Future Transit Network" re-imagined the transit network in Hamilton, Ontario using west coast transit planning philosophies. Using TransLink's network management principles, the existing Hamilton network was audited, a post-LRT network was developed, and preliminary network cost and performance figures were calculated. This report was featured on Raise The Hammer and the Remix blog.