Connecting much of the upper mid-west to Chicago and the twin cities, the Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie Railway was probably better known as The Soo Line - a name which still lingers on to this day.

The Soo Line was controlled by the Canadian Pacific Railway, so it should come as no surprise that both flagship trains offered through service into Canada: 

  • "The Winnipeger" was an overnight service from the twin cities to Winnipeg, and was equipped with a Buffet Lounge Sleeper, Standard Drawing-room Compartment Sleepers, Coaches and a Diner. The timetable recommends the 1:00 pm Milwaukee Road "Hiawatha" for those departing from Chicago.
  • The "Soo-Dominion" was a Chicago - Vancouver service with the Chicago & North Western taking the train from Chicago to St. Paul, the Soo Line continuing on the border at Portal, ND / North Portal, SK, and the Canadian Pacific finally taking the train to Vancouver. The train carried Lounge Cars, Drawing-room Compartment Sleepers, Dining Cars and Coaches. Tourist Sleepers ran between Vancouver and the twin cities (this train was the winter service, as the timetable is effective November, 1937).